The Urban Food Festival

Date Published 22 June 2015

If there are two things that Londoner's love, then it is festivals and exciting food. Every Saturday sees a Shoreditch car park transformed from a drab stretch of concrete, that would otherwise be littered with rusty Ford Transit vans, discarded garden furniture and cardboard boxes full of newspapers and magazines from the 70s and 80s, to a vibrant metropolis of exotic food trucks for hungry guests to gorge on at the weekend.

The Urban Food Festival has been running for several years now, and has never been as successful or popular as it is now. Filling the space every Saturday are up to 15 food trucks, specialising in delicious delicacies such as Venezuelan beef arepas (maize flour flatbreads), vegan hand-made pastas, Brazilian chorizo wraps, Belgian waffles and the signature food item at any street food market: the succulent pulled pork roll served in a fluffy brioche bun with a generous helping of ‘slaw and condiments.

All this food only makes the foodie's thirsty, so to accompany the array of tasty treats are micro-pubs and bars, stocked to the rafters with craft beers and ciders, high quality wines and champagnes and top of the range coffees from around the world.

The market regularly throws themed parties and events to accompany the food themed festivities. Previous events include Oktoberfest, Where's Wally, Alice in Wonderland and The Beatles. The incentive for dressing up for the given theme? A free cocktail or craft beer, so why wouldn't you make the effort to dress-up?

For the widest array of delicacies in a given space, be sure to visit; entry is free, but, of course, the food is not.