The Great British Property Cycle 2014

Date Published 12 June 2014

Are you ready to don the lycra, clip yourself into the pedals and clock up the miles? It doesn't matter if you ride a rusting, retro Raleigh or a top of the range Pinarello, it's time to dust off your bike and get back out on it! September 1st 2014 marks the return of the Great British Property Cycle – an event that proved so successful last year that it raised over £30,000 for the charity Agents Giving.

Peter Knight, chairman of the charity, says: 'After the incredible success of last year's Great British Property Cycle, where all involved managed to raise over £30,000, we decided to do it again. We are going to award a prize of a charitable donation to the highest individual fundraiser and highest group fundraiser - so get stuck in.'

The concept is simple; each participant pays £20 to enter and has from September 1st until the end of the month to cycle as many miles as they can. Whether you're a leisurely rider who can clock 20 miles in that time or a seasoned semi-professional who puts in 500, it does not matter!

Channel 4's beloved property guru, Phil Spencer, is a patron of Agents Giving and an avid cyclist. He said of the Property Cycle that 'this event will provide a great run up to the first Agents Giving Ball to be held in London on October 2nd. This year we hope to get even more people involved and raise even more money.'

Agents Giving are the property industries charity for letting agents, estate agents and suppliers and managed to raise over £13million in total last year for good causes. The Great British Property Cycle 2014 is just one event curated by the charity, for a full list of the charity's events and how to get involved see here.

So, if you see yourself as a budding Wiggins, Froome or Pendleton then pump up your tyres and get riding for Agents Giving in this year's Great British Property Cycle. You can fill in a registration form here.