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Events & Activities in London | October 2016 25 August 2021

London offers a wide range of attractions, activities and events catering for a wide variety of interests. As the season turn from autumn to winter, a simple stroll enjoying the "lungs of London", - the central London Royal Parks - can be a beautiful and breathtaking way to spend an enjoyable afternoon before taking a coffee in one of the many artesian coffee shops.... Read More

Can Brexit Affect The London Housing Market? 23 August 2016

In the wake of Britain voting to leave the EU, most aspects of British families" lives are overshadowed by a great deal of uncertainty. One of the many concerns raised is whether Brexit will have an impact on house prices in London and indeed across the country.... Read More

Top 10 Musicals In London 20 May 2016

London is famed for it"s magnificent theatre district, the West End, and has been gathering show-goers and punters for decades. But what are the best shows on at the moment? Read on to find out. 1. The Lion King The award-winning adaptation of Disney"s The Lion King features music by Elton John, plus outstanding costumes and wonderful special effects.... Read More

London Could Be Getting The World`S Longest Drawbridge 20 May 2016

Innovative architecture has always been a staple in and around London. The city is rife with magnificent structures: St Paul"s Cathedral is the envy of all cathedrals; Big Ben is the most iconic clock in the world; and the Gherkin is … well, it"s shaped like a Gherkin!... Read More

We Are Now An Esta Award Winning Lettings Agent! 25 April 2016

At last Friday"s ESTAS (National Estate Agent Awards) we were awarded with a silver medal for Best Letting Agents in East London. This is fantastic news for all involved because it showcases how hard work and dedication really pays off. Now in its 13th year, the ESTAS awards" prestige lies in the fact that the awards are based on responses from clients – something that makes these awards unique because they rely solely on client feedback, rather than sponsorships.... Read More

ShakespeaR400: What`S Going On In London To Mark The Bard`S Death 400 Years Ago? 25 April 2016

As most of you will know, Saturday marked 400 years since the death of arguably Britain"s most successful writer. To this day, nobody can claim to have written anything as inspirational or influential as what stemmed from Willy Boy"s quill. But, what"s the big deal? Well, over the next few weeks London is hosting some fine events to mark the occasion and, quite frankly, you"d be loonier than Macbeth to miss out.... Read More

10 Reasons Why London Is The Beer Capital Of The World 30 March 2016

Craft beer is everywhere you look nowadays. It"s gone from the exclusivity of small-time breweries run by socially awkward men with long beards, to the shelves of a Tesco Express fridge. Yet, there"s a reason for this: London is the beer capital of the world.... Read More

Things You Should Never Do On A London Bus 08 February 2016

As a Londoner, getting on a bus is sometimes unavoidable. While some people"s best advice about the most detested mode of public transport is to avoid them at all costs, we"ve put together a list of things that should help you on your bus adventure — just make sure you don"t do any of them.... Read More

10 Things To Do This Christmas In London 17 December 2015

10 Things to Do This Christmas in London The Christmas period is a magical time in London. Late night shopping under the dazzling lights of Oxford Street; sipping a mulled wine from mittened hands in Hyde Park; mooching around the myriad Christmas markets - there"s no denying that London transforms itself over the Christmas period.... Read More

The Great £150,000 Empty Space Mystery 30 November 2015

It"s not every day that a mystery unravels in London. The city has seen it"s fair share of intrigue going back hundreds of years: London spawned the inspiration behind some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle"s Sherlock Holmes mysteries; Jack the Ripper is still at large (sort of); and now a plot of land beneath a Bloomsbury apartment block has sold for mega-money.... Read More

Islington`S Hot Chocolate Cafe 17 November 2015

As coffee"s more luxurious sibling, hot chocolate has been enjoyed by mankind for centuries. It has been drunk for over 200 years in Europe and has its roots in the Aztec civilisation of 2000 years ago. From its humble beginnings as a ground cacao paste (served cold), to its elegant steamy ancestor served in silver chocolate pots in the 1700"s, hot chocolate has always been a culinary marvel.... Read More

What To Do In London This Halloween 28 October 2015

Halloween is nigh in the city of London. Ghosts and ghouls, werewolves and witches will line the streets, collecting candy in pumpkin head buckets; but it"s not only about begging for Haribo"s and Mars bars — there"s some spine-tingling attractions to visit.... Read More