World`S Largest Wooden Tower Brings Homes And Office Space To Hackney

Date Published 10 June 2015

Innovative ways of building have long been both popular and fashionable in the property and construction industries, and over the last few decades building innovation has come hand-in-hand with the `green` quota. Notable feats of modern architecture have all been built in accordance with sustainable features, and this encouraging building method is ever-growing in London.

The latest big project is going up right here in Hackney in the form of a 10-storey structure formed entirely of timber. The tower, situated in Dalston Lane, will be home to 121 dwellings and 3,460m2 of commercial space using 3,000 cubic meters of timber.

The timber tower is set to spark a frenzy around Europe, with Paris and Stockholm just two of the cities that will be unveiling similar sized structures. Paris is planning a 35-storey timber tower, whereas in Stockholm a 34-storey building is in the reckoning.

But what are the benefits of timber? A strong wooden structure can last for over 150 years with the added benefit of it being a recyclable material. So, once the building starts to look its age it can be renovated and its old structure can be re-used elsewhere.

The leading architect behind the project stated that: `The technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the past 20 years. We are talking about very solid, engineered timber. Cement is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases. More pollution comes from the production of cement than the whole of the airline industry.`

The timber tower is scheduled for opening in 2016.