London Could Be Getting The World`S Longest Drawbridge

Date Published 20 May 2016

Innovative architecture has always been a staple in and around London. The city is rife with magnificent structures: St Paul's Cathedral is the envy of all cathedrals; Big Ben is the most iconic clock in the world; and the Gherkin is … well, it's shaped like a Gherkin! But there's something new that has been kicking up a bit of a storm recently and it's very exciting.

Plans have been drawn up for the world's longest drawbridge to be constructed over the Thames, connecting Canary Wharf with Rotherhithe. At 84 metres long, it will be the first bascule bridge (that's the technical term) built in the capital since the iconic Tower Bridge in 1894. Tower Bridge is in fact 244 metres long, however that includes the entire structure and not just the drawbridge part in the centre.

Bridges have been high on the agenda in recent years after plans were unveiled to construct the controversial Garden Bridge. Intended as a means of connecting two of London's cultural hotspots - the theatre district and the vibrant South Bank - the Garden Bridge will provide a much-needed sustainability boost, providing habitats for various species of animals and plants.

The drawbridge is expected to take around 5 years to complete at an estimated cost of £88 million.