Islington`S Hot Chocolate Cafe

Date Published 17 November 2015

As coffee's more luxurious sibling, hot chocolate has been enjoyed by mankind for centuries. It has been drunk for over 200 years in Europe and has its roots in the Aztec civilisation of 2000 years ago. From its humble beginnings as a ground cacao paste (served cold), to its elegant steamy ancestor served in silver chocolate pots in the 1700's, hot chocolate has always been a culinary marvel. Whether you find solace in the readily available modern variety of heaped teaspoons of powder dumped in boiled milk, the real deal of melted chocolate and cream or even the raw cacao paste (I somewhat doubt that), hot chocolate is undeniably a hugely popular beverage.

Well, may those with a sweet tooth rejoice! London is getting its first, and solely exclusive, hot chocolate cafe.

Jaz & Jul's Chocolate House in Islington promises to satisfy those chocolatey cravings with its 12 varieties of hot choc; using a base of Madagascan cocoa powder with flavours added to craft ingenious names such as ‘Gingerbread, man!', ‘Mintchievous' and ‘Orangytang'. A plethora of toppings, including whipped coconut cream and handmade marshmallows, are on offer to transform the humble hot chocolate into a feast for the gods.

The brains behind the cafe are Jasmine Kershaw and Juliet Sampson who have run a market stall at Broadway market for a number of years now, but the opening of the cafe signifies the start of a permanent placement.

Accompanying the drinking chocolate will be a range of sweet treats including rocky road slices, brownies, cookies, a Mexican-inspired chocolate black bean chilli and there are even plans for a chocolate themed brunch.