Garages Of The Rich And Famous

Date Published 17 September 2015

London has always had a penchant for attracting billionaire playboys from all over the world; whether it`s the antiquated architecture, the delectable dining or the sought-after shopping that attracts the rich and famous there is always something new and exciting, introducing the latest must-have for the real-life Monopoly man: luxury garage space.

Supercars have been creating V8 levels of uproar through the streets of the Capital, seemingly mistaking the streets for the Silverstone race track. Parking tickets, red lights and residents are laughed off, even ignored, to cater for this growing trend.

After tearing through the streets the cars are brought back by their owners to Bat-cave style lodgings where they are tweaked, polished and wiped down (the cars get a similar treatment too) by a dedicated team of in-house mechanics and concierges. Calling the storage space a ‘garage` is somewhat derogatory, as the space is almost as plush as the several million pound apartment that it sits beneath. Marble floors, polished walls, glass cabinets and even raised, museum-style platforms tend to make up the ‘garages`. Lining the white-washed walls is memorabilia associated with the cars: signed original artwork, vintage leathers, crash helmets, you name it and it`s there.

As an example, last month, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, the emir of Dubai, obtained permission to build a six-floor super car park in London for his fleet of 114 cars – complete with five-star accommodation for chauffeurs – next to Battersea heliport. The project is estimated to cost at least £20 million with additional costs for marble and glass finishes to be added to that.

These spectacular structures may sound like something from the realm of Hollywood or video games but they are in fact very real. Who knows, there may be a hoard of supercars buried beneath you right now as tread the same dreary route to work.