Abra-Kebab-Ra Alakazam! A Gourmet Kebab Festival Comes To Town

Date Published 03 August 2015

We are big advocates for street food, evident in our article from a couple of weeks ago on the Urban Food Festival in East London; however, something has got us even more excited and it`s coming this weekend!

We all love a good kebab, known exclusively as an alcohol sponge eaten predominantly at 2am on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Despite this, believe it or not, they are actually an incredible meal (delicacy, even) to be enjoyed at any time of the day — reflected at the Abrakebabra pop-up festival happening in Dalston on Saturday.

Set within an old warehouse and its forecourt, the festival will be home to some of London`s top BBQ chefs for an eclectic afternoon of meaty madness. Get yourself geared up to be munching on gourmet kebabs, downing delicious Turkish-themed cocktails or Camden Town Brewery craft beers. Lucky Chip Soundsystem will be providing the tunes on DJ-duty and there will be plenty of entertainment to help stave off the meat sweats during the day.

You`re probably wanting to know a little more about the kebabs and their creators? There will be Lucky Chip, whose speciality is comprised of slow-cooked lamb shoulder, BBQ sauce, feta cheese, olives, salad and garlic relish; Chick `n` Sours who do the Carl Clark — Szechuan chicken skewers, spring onions, pickles, sesame seeds and watermelon; and Smokehouse, who serve up the Neil Rankin, a smoked brisket treat with fattoush flat bread and chilli and garlic sauces. And that`s to list just a few.

For £25 you can get a day ticket which entitles you to five (yes, five!) different kebabs, a Camden Town Brewery craft beer and a Ruby`s Havana Club cocktail (before 6pm). So get yourself over to Dalston this Saturday for a meat treat like no other.